Monday, June 27, 2016

Lemon-glazed strawberry poppy seed bread

Strawberries are easily one of my favorite fruits. One of my biggest cravings during pregnancy has been fruit. Just the smell of it makes me drool lately haha. Now that we are getting into full-on summer fruit season, I can't get enough fresh fruits - strawberries, melons, cherries, peaches, etc. They are all coming into season locally and that makes me happy! We found ourselves with a lot of strawberries recently. While I love to eat them with cottage cheese, yogurt, on their own, or in a shortcake, I also love to try out different recipes with them. I know my posts have been lacking during pregnancy. So I was inspired to make something with all these fresh berries that was easy, quick and delicious - which is how this quick bread came to be. This bread is very moist and flavorful. It's perfect for breakfast, dessert, or a snack and is a great way to use up some super ripe strawberries. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Rocky road brownies {Secret Recipe Club}

It's that time again - time for this month's Secret Recipe Club! This month I was assigned Dessert Before Dinner which I was excited about because this was a new blog for me. This blog is written by Stephanie who sounds like someone I would get a long with well.... we both like a lot of the same things aside from food blogging like craft beers, kittens, sci-fi shows, and more. After looking through her recipes, I decided on making these Rocky Road Brownies. Call it the chocolate cravings of a pregnant lady, but I kept coming back to them. If I had felt more ambitious and hadn't been neglectful to my sourdough starter recently, I would have loved to have tried some of her sourdough creations (especially the doughnuts and the bread pudding). I will remember these for the future!

I'm glad with my choice of these brownies. They were chewy, fudgy, and just sweet enough. Plus the melted, sticky, golden marshmallows on top added something special. Below is my slightly modified recipe. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pineapple chicken and snow peas

This dish is a nice spring time meal. It's quick, easy, and full of flavor. I've been craving fruit, especially tropical fruits, so this pineapple dish hit the spot for me. I've been trying to cook as much as possible lately, though it's difficult. I've entered the third trimester with twins and it's getting increasingly difficult to do even the most basic things like stand for more than 10 minutes, breathe, bend, sit, and so on. Mostly I just want someone else to cook for me, but that's not always an option! I'm going to try to get a few things in the freezer over the next couple of weeks to have on hand for quick meals once the babies arrive. They will be coming right in the heat of summer, so I'm not sure what to make -- any suggestions? It's not really prime casserole or soup season then, which are the easiest things to put in the freezer sometimes. 

This dish will make about 4 servings when served with a side of rice or couscous. It's a nice weeknight dish that comes together pretty quickly and makes some lunch leftovers for the next day (my favorite).

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sweet potato pork quesadillas {Secret Recipe Club}

I was super excited to have my food blogger friend Sarah's blog this month for the Secret Recipe Club. And it just so happens that she had mine last month! I've been following her blog The Pajama Chef for a few years now and always enjoy reading it. Sarah lives in Nashville with her husband, kitties, and a new adorable baby I just saw on Instagram. While browsing through Sarah's recipes I saw many that I wanted to try (mango coconut granola, rhubarb muffins, and crock pot honey sesame chicken, just to name a few) some that I've tried in the past like these amazing Apple Fritters. I ended up choosing these Sweet Potato Pork Quesadillas for a Cinco de Mayo meal.

I loved the combination of sweet and spicy and my husband gave these a big thumbs up! Pregnancy has made me want spicy food more often lately - and has given me the ability to tolerate and enjoy higher levels of heat than normally. So, I piled on the pickled jalapenos on mine. Below is my slightly modified version of the recipe. This recipe made 4 quesadillas, and will serve about two people for a main dish.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cheesy spaghetti squash

Say what? I'm making and posting a winter squash recipe in April?! Well, yes, yes I am.... We still have a few lingering in basement storage that we are finishing up before it becomes summer squash season. So while it may be a little out-of-season right now, just save this spaghetti squash recipe for this coming fall/winter. It's one you will definitely want to give a try! It's cheesy, with hints of onion and garlic flavor. It's like a mac n' cheese, but with spaghetti squash instead of noodles.

We ate this as a side dish to a grilled ham steak with a honey-mustard sauce. Speaking of grilling, I am super excited that the warmer weather is coming and also that when we moved into our new house that the previous owners left us their grill! We've already been using it and loving it. I made this recipe with a smaller spaghetti squash and it would make a side dish for about 3-4 people. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Buffalo chicken burgers {Secret Recipe Club}

It's time for April's Secret Recipe Club Reveal. This month I was assigned to make a recipe from The Avid Appetite. This blog is written by Rachel from New Jersey. Her blog started out as mostly a food and recipe blog but now has expanded to include all aspects of her life. There were a lot of recipes that caught my eye like her Gingerbread Coffee Syrup and Pineapple Chicken with Couscous. But, being a Buffalo girl, I decided that I wanted to give her Buffalo Chicken Burgers a try. At first I wasn't sure I'd be able to make them because I couldn't find any blue cheese made with pasteurized milk (raw cheese is currently on my can't eat list). But I finally found some at Aldi! What I especially liked about her burgers was that she used the correct hot sauce (gotta be Frank's) and blue cheese (I love ranch as much as the next person, but it doesn't belong on anything called "Buffalo") - so I knew these burgers would be winners! I was right. They were delicious and full of that Buffalo chicken wing flavor. 

I slightly modified April's recipe and my version is below. This recipe will make four burgers. I served them with celery sticks and oven fries.